Senior Staff

Elizabeth Brubaker is Environment Probe’s executive director.

Brubaker is the author of Greener Pastures: Decentralizing the Regulation of Agricultural Pollution, published by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Public Management in 2007. The book traces the evolution of laws permitting farms to create nuisances that harm their neighbours. It argues for a return to a rights-based regulatory regime in which individuals and communities are empowered to protect themselves from polluting farms.

Brubaker’s previous book, Liquid Assets: Privatizing and Regulating Canada’s Water Utilities, was published by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Public Management in 2002. Brubaker has written and spoken extensively on water – including its pricing, allocation, regulation, and quality – during the last decade. She has also participated in a number of regulatory hearings regarding water, including the Demand-Supply Plan Hearing in the early 1990s (the environmental assessment of Ontario Hydro’s nuclear and hydroelectric expansion plans) and the Walkerton Inquiry, for which she prepared a study on water utility privatization.

Brubaker is also the author of Property Rights in the Defence of Nature (published by Earthscan in 1995), a book investigating the extent to which the property rights regime developed under the English common law can serve as a force for environmental protection. She has also worked on the establishment of property rights in fisheries.

Brubaker has contributed chapters to 14 books published in six countries. She has written frequently in the popular press and has lectured in Canada, the United States, France, Australia, and China.

Between 2008 and 2011, Brubaker was a member of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, an independent federal agency that provided advice to the government and the public on the integration of environmental conservation and economic development.

Dr. Vyacheslav G. Magmedov, a hydrogeologist, is working with Environment Probe to promote the use of constructed wetlands to treat contaminated water. Magmedov is a world-renowned authority on constructed wetlands. Since his groundbreaking 1986 thesis, “Water Quality Transformation in an Artificially Created Biogeocenosis,” he has authored more than 40 articles, papers, and manuals devoted to the subject.

Magmedov has more than 20 years of experience as a researcher, consultant, and lecturer in Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Canada. He has addressed a variety of environmental issues, including nature conservation, groundwater pollution, sampling and monitoring, remediation, and solid waste management.


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