Markets and the Environment

Lawrence Solomon
CBC Radio’s Ideas program
June 12, 1992

Lawrence Solomon speaks with David Cayley about the ways in which competition, privatization, property rights, and other market mechanisms can work to preserve the environment.

An excerpt:
Whenever the state has owned forest lands, it has done its best to denude them; whenever the private sector owns forest lands, it tries to protect them. You can look at Canada, you can look at Europe, you can look at the Third World, and you’ll find the same pattern: When individuals own their land, they want to keep it intact. They might log some of it; they’ll rarely clear-cut it; they’ll use it for many purposes; they’ll find many different forms of revenue from that land; but they’re almost always pushed by the state to harvest it faster and harder than they want to.
Click here to read the entire interview in PDF format.


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