Property Rights in The Defence of Nature: Review

Environment Network News
March 10, 1996

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Elizabeth Brubaker. 1995. Earthscan Canada. 328 pages.

In this book, Elizabeth Brubaker, Executive Director of Environment Probe, examines the tools provided in common law property rights which make them powerful instruments for protecting the environment. She looks at the erosion of property rights over time, and the inefficacy of current leg­islation and legislators to protect nat­ural resources. Arguing that “secure, enforceable property rights would em­power citzens or communities to pro­tect forests, waters and minerals,” she urges activists to focus on strengthen­ing property rights, relying on laws and regulations only as an essential second best. Brubaker writes in clear, narrative prose, providing summaries for cases cited. Cost: $15.95 (pb) through your bookstore or add $3 for shipping, and order from:
Environment Probe, 225 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2M6 ph: 416-964-9223

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