Environment Probe’s tenth anniversary

March 11, 1999

Dear Friend:

I’m feeling a little nostalgic. It’s the tenth anniversary of Environment Probe’s founding, and as I look back over my time here, I find my mind wanders less to the small victories we’ve had from time to time, and more to the rewarding comments I’ve received from supporters over the years, comments that touched and inspired me and led me to squirrel them away in a special file. I’d like to share several of them with you.

From George S. in Lethbridge, Alberta: “As a young man I wore out a copy of the Regina Manifesto so this might tell you what my political preferences are. However, your piece re privatization was exceedingly enlightening and surely did make me think a little, for an ancient. Conclusion? I’m converted to partial privatization. Thanks.”

From Sheila H. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: “I am thrilled to see and hear reps from Environment Probe on the news and occasionally mentioned in our press here in Saskatchewan – your reps trying to hold the ministers’ feet to the fire regarding environmental concerns that the common people are upset about. We have so few to speak for us.”

From Bob M. in Chase, BC: “Thanks very much for the loan of the cassette [featuring an interview, for CBC Radio’s Ideas, with several Probers]. I’ve listened to it over five times while driving – it’s had a major impact on my understanding of modern politics, corporatism and the state, etc. I’ve made a copy so I can play it with/for others.”

From Andrew K. in Etobicoke, Ontario: “After 60 years of environmental concern I have just benefitted from your information. Thank you for saving me from becoming dogmatic and keep up the good work of using our funds for probing the environment and proposing feasible improvements to all decision makers.”

From Roger S. in Victoria, BC: “There are so many areas to focus on and I congratulate you on your group’s selection of causes. The Probe sections deal with their respective mandates with such professionalism – it’s a pleasure to receive the various reports.”

And finally, from Derek J. in Newellton, Nova Scotia: “Our small group of inshore fishermen turned environmental activists fully support your efforts to de-politicize our fisheries. Good luck to you all for trying to help us down here.”

When the national press carries our articles or interviews our staff, when our books are used in universities across the country, when our work is translated into foreign languages, or when we’re asked to speak at conferences around the world, I feel a sense of accomplishment at getting the word out.

But when I hear back from our supporters and other concerned Canadians with comments such as these, I am deeply satisfied by the realization that our message is being truly understood. Your feedback and moral support counts as much as your financial support – and sometimes more. It can seem lonely at times, when we take on the big corporations and big governments that are harming the environment. But I never feel disheartened when I think of our supporters.

Thank you so much for your support over our first ten years. I hope to hear from you often in the next ten.


Elizabeth Brubaker
Executive Director


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