Hard Water: The uphill campaign to privatize Canada’s waterworks

Bob Carty
The Center for Public Integrity
February 13, 2003

A series of reports by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) on water utilities – inspired by the explosive growth of three private water companies in the last 10 years – cites the work of Elizabeth Brubaker, the executive director of Environment Probe.

In the report entitled, “Hard Water: The Uphill Campaign to Privatize Canada’s Waterworks,” CPI looks at the Hamilton, Ontario, experience with privatization.

On page six, the report notes:
“Elizabeth Brubaker, author of a book advocating privatization of Canada’s water utilities, has argued that the Hamilton case brought limited savings and investment and permitted the city to dispense with labor relations problems. Brubaker contended that the private company ‘lived up to approximately one-half of their promises.'”

Click here to read “Hard Water” article.


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