CBC: Windsor in “hall of shame” for land expropriation

Tony Doucette interviews Elizabeth Brubaker on CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning, and CBC News covers Environment Probe’s concerns.

From CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning, with host Tony Doucette:

A non-partisan think tank has some harsh criticism of Windsor. According to the group Environment Probe, Windsor deserves to be in the Hall of Shame because of its track record for expropriating land from private citizens. We spoke to Elizabeth Brubaker.

Click here to listen to the interview.

And from CBC News:

Windsor’s reputation for expropriating land has landed the city in one environmental think tank’s “hall of shame.” … [Expropriating two homes near the Windsor Airport is] “unfair, unnecessary and it’s economically unsound,” Brubaker said. “A city should need a good reason, but in this case, the reason it’s giving is private economic development. This is not expropriation for a genuine public use. It’s expropriation for private gain.”

Click here to read CBC News’s full coverage of Environment Probe’s concerns.

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