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This book owes much to Larry Solomon, who has long promoted property rights in the defence of nature, who first suggested writing a book on the subject and who edited successive versions of the manuscript.

For invaluable research assistance, I am grateful to Rachel Szymanski, whose research into the common law headed me in the right direction, and to Geoffrey Patridge, whose weekly library visits unearthed enough raw material for several books. For information on specific issues, I thank Charles Ficner, Darwin Hamilton, Jill McColl, Al Mussell, Peter Schleifenbaum and Keith Symington.

I am indebted – albeit grudgingly – to Margaret Barber, Peggy Hallward, Leslie Owens, Stephen Owens and Fiona Peterson, whose comments on early drafts of the first chapters persuaded me to revise my approach and helped me develop a more accessible style. There is nothing grudging about my thanks to Bill Hyde for his most encouraging comment, upon reading the same early drafts, that I had made him feel confident that law was indeed made for people.

I am particularly grateful to friends and colleagues who read and criticized the entire manuscript. Pat Adams, Tom Adams, Rick Archbold, Roy Hughes, Sheila Malcolmson and John Thibodeau were all very generous with their time and expertise.

A number of economists and lawyers reviewed drafts of the manuscript or of individual chapters. For their economic insights and advice – both that which I followed and that which I did not – I thank John Dales, Donald Dewees, Glenn Fox, Peter Pearse and Anthony Scott. For their legal wisdom and thoughtful suggestions I thank Douglas Adams, Thomas Berger, Donald Dewees (again), Patrick Macklem, Philippe Sands, Robert Sharpe and especially my husband Richard Owens, who provided ongoing assistance with legal theory and more practical matters, whose critical eye improved the manuscript and whose interest in the project enlivened many a dinner.

I have been privileged to work with an excellent editing and production crew including Norman Houghton, whose professional eye has spared me much embarrassment, and Marcia Ryan, whose commitment to getting things right begins with em dashes and seems never to end. My special thanks to Margaret Barber for taking on the most thankless of all tasks – editing legal citations – with energy and good humour. And I deeply appreciate the weeks of hard work by Elizabeth Rentzelos, whose artistry transformed a mere manuscript into a book.

Finally, I owe my heartfelt thanks to the following Environment Probe supporters – and others wishing to remain anonymous – who directed their generous donations to this book. Production would not have been possible without their financial assistance.

Martin Alford
George and Catherine Ascroft
Robert and Birgit Bateman
Mrs. P. L. Bentz
Erling Bjarnason
Paul E. Boeda
Mrs. E. Davidson
Antonia Dominato
Jacqueline J. Eccles
John Gingrich
William C. Hamilton
William Harmer
E. M. Hughes
Harold Jones
W. B. McCartney
Robert B. McIntyre
Pierre Perron
Lloyd Peterson
J. A. Rainer
R. Guy C. Smith
J. M. Spina
John Williams
Brian Wood

Frank I. Algar
David A. Apramian
F. B. Athersych
H. M. Barker
Dexter Beach
J. Beauchamp
John E. Beswick
Stanley C. Biggs
Jennifer Bigler
Pamela Block
Carol S. Butcher
Trevor and Sarah Chandler
G. Joseph Cooper
Frances A. Cornish
Clarence Cross
Jack Davidchuk
Richard Dawe
Henry Dumouchel
J. Elliott
Murray W. Etty
J. Fitch
Jeff Floyd
Robert P. Forshaw
David Hughes
John Hughes
Graham Hurley
Rohan Jayasekera
William Jeffery
Charles F. Johnston
Kenneth and Betty Killick
Georgina Lapointe
Mrs. W. J. Latchem
Irene Lund
A. Malcolmson
J. S. Marwick
Sandra Masse
E. Matthews
Edward E. McCullough
H. McLeod
G. D. Mitchell
F. C. Moore
Griffith Morgan
Tom Morley
Murray Paton and June Leong
Trevor Plestid
W. Powlesland
Stephen and Olga Pychyl
Karen E. Robicheau
G. L. Robinson
Howard Russo
Joan E. Scott
Karl D. Simmerling
Hazel Skuce
Phyllis Stewart
Diana A. Stott
U. P. Thomas
Ronald Thompson and Madelene Rutski
Mark A. Voysey
Frank G. Wadge
Frances Walbridge
Bruce Wells
Norman and Shiela West
J. R. and S. J. Williams
Josephine Williams
Joshua Wolfe
Robert K. Zimmerman

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