Liquid Assets: Table of Contents


Preface: Too Many Tragedies

Introduction: A Rising Tide

Part I: Lessons Learned

  • Chapter 1. Centuries of Experience: The Private Provision of Water and Wastewater Services in the United States

  • Chapter 2. Two Success Stories: Atlanta, Georgia, and Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Chapter 3. The Proof in the English Pudding: Debunking the Myths About Privatization in England and Wales

  • Chapter 4. Eau No: The Deficiencies of the French Model of Privatization

Part II: Where’s Canada?

  • Chapter 5. A Growing Crisis: The Need for Private-Sector Involvement in Canada’s Water and Wastewater Systems

  • Chapter 6. Testing the Waters: Early Experiments with Privatization

  • Chapter 7. What Went Wrong? Water and Wastewater Privatization in Hamilton, Ontario

Part III: Making Privatization Work

  • Chapter 8. Turning Losers into Winners: Bringing Workers Onside

  • Chapter 9. There’s Nothing like a Hanging: Creating Incentives through Legal Liability

  • Chapter 10. Unnatural Monopolies: Lessons on Competition and Economic Regulation from England and Wales

Conclusion: How Far Should We Go?





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