Vast wastelands: Premature expropriations plague communities across Canada


Elizabeth Brubaker writes in the National Post that expropriation is legitimate only for sound projects that are certain to go ahead. Many planners’ fantasies – such as the Fort McMurray arena, the Pickering Airport, and the Black Point quarry – don’t qualify. Continue reading


Sustainable mining and quarrying


Environment Probe takes on provincial mining associations that caution against local decision making. Probe recommends empowering affected individuals and communities to determine whether and how proposed projects will go ahead. To further ensure that mining and quarrying are sustainable, Probe recommends making mining companies bear all their environmental risks and costs. Continue reading

Corporate bullying: Expropriating for private purposes in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia’s Expropriation Act authorizes the taking of private land for public works and other public purposes. But expropriation in the province increasingly serves private purposes, helping international resource development companies acquire land at reduced prices. This article by Elizabeth Brubaker reviews recent expropriations for three private projects – the Black Point Aggregate Quarry, the Touquoy Gold Mine, and the Maritime Link Transmission Project. Continue reading