Environmentalists and the green future

Jonathan H. Adler
The Washington Times
September 3, 1995

NB: The conversion of this document to a digital format may have introduced errors. To see the document in its original form, click here.

Quite a different view is con­tained in Property Rights in the Defence of Nature by Elizabeth Brubaker (Earthscan, $12.95 paper, 328 pages). This book argues, quite forcefully, that own­ing nature is the best hope for true environmental protection. Owner­ship doesn’t only facilitate stew­ardship, Ms. Brubaker argues, it encourages it. And common law protections against trespass, nui­sance and the like secure those rights. Ms. Brubaker includes three appendices summarizing illustrative court cases.

The author is executive director of Environment Probe, a Canadian environmental outfit affiliated with the Energy Probe Research Foun­dation. Her embrace of property rights is the result of her experience in the field, where she has learned the value that ordinary citizens place on their land, water and other resources and their roles as envi­ronmental stewards. A Canadian import, this book may be hard to find in the Washington area, but it is worth a search for those truly inter­ested in alternative approaches to environmental protection.



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