Table of Contents

Foreword by Anthony Scott


Part I: The Golden Age of Common Law Property Rights

1. Thou Shalt Not Trespass

2. So As Not to Harm Another

3. Without Obstruction, Diversion or Corruption

Part II: The Erosion of Common Law Property Rights

4. In the Name of the Public Good

5. Growth at All Costs

6. The Defence of Statutory Authority

7. Blinded Justice

Part III:

8. The Courts v. The Common Man

9. Governments Gutting Their Holdings

10. The Taxman’s Axe

Part IV: Nature’s Case for Restoring Strong Property Rights

11. Alienable Rights

12. No Expropriation Without Full Compensation

13. The Gospel According to St. John

Appendices: Wisdom of the Ages

A. Trespass Case Summaries

B. Private Nuisance Case Summaries

C. Riparian Rights Case Summaries


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